Study Tours

TEAM creates study tours to cities which host international institutions. These tours  are designed for teachers, undergraduate and postgraduate students, lecturers, professionals and others who would benefit from it. These tours visit the institutions of international cooperation and governance and provide opportunities to meet and discuss issues with those who work for them.

“I feel this is a fantastic learning experience for the start of my career – thank you very much.” Rachel Hayes Citizenship Student Teacher (about the April 2010 Study Tour).

  • 2019 Study Tour to Brussels

    Monday 8th April to Friday 12th April 2019 At TEAMGlobal we are organising another study tour to Brussels for students, teacher and those who would benefit professionally. The group will visit the Council of the European Union, European Commission, European Parliament, UK Permanent Representation to the EU, European External Action

  • Study Tour

    Brussels Study Tour – 4/2014

    April marked the anniversary of the 51st Easter study tour in a trip to Brussels led by Antony Frost. As the clock struck twelve on 7th April 2014, Laurence Smy, Antony Frost and Laura Higgins met a plethora of study tour participants at St Pancras International including students from various