On the 4th of July TEAMGlobal, in cooperation with Regent’s University and the House of Lords, held its annual members’ day event.

The first half of the day was held at Regent’s University, where Brendan Donnelly (Director of the Federal Trust) and Yossi Mekelberg (Professor at Regent’s University) gave speeches on the UK’s relationship with the EU. Both presentations were highly engaging and those attending the event were able to ask questions.

Having spent the morning session at Regent’s University those attending the event moved to the House of Lords, where the group was hosted by Lord Kinnock. He gave an excellent speech, focusing on the UK’s vote to leave the EU and what the likely consequences of a leave vote will be.

TEAMGlobal would like to thank Regent’s University and the House of Lords for all of their help in making this engaging and thought provoking event possible.

There were nine schools attending the event and one hundred and one participants, comprising of students, teachers and individual TEAMGlobal members.

Please click here to see the programme – team-members-day-2016