During the 2015 Member’s Day Laurence Smy, the  Chairman of TEAM Global was delighted to admit Dr. Martyn Bond to the Fellowship of TEAM Global.

This Fellowship recognises Martyn’s long service to TEAM Global, he first came into contact with TEAM as it was known then when he was a Sixth Former, then as an undergraduate he took part in conferences and study tours TEAM organised. Since then he has always remained in contact with TEAM Global and has been more than happy to assist and offer advice when it was asked of him.

Having completed his undergraduate studies at the the University of Cambridge and subsequently earned his Doctorate of Philosophy at the University of Sussex, he worked as a  BBC correspondent in West Berlin where he reported from the focal point of Cold War tensions in Europe.

Having worked for the BBC in West Berlin he began his fifteen year career as a senior administrator in the Council of Ministers in the European Union.

He then began work as the Director of the UK Office of the European Parliament, he lead a small team of European civil servants in diplomatic mission in London, pursuing liaison work with UK government, managing support facilities for UK MEPs and promoting European Parliament profile in UK media.

Having completed his work at the UK Office he became the Director of the well regarded research institute, the Federal Trust where he led researchers who published papers on international governance specializing on European issues.

Martyn then returned to  Journalism where he became the Press Correspondent for the UK in the Council of Europe, he oversaw media relations between the UK ad the CoE.

In recognition of his work Royal Holloway bestowed upon him the title of Visiting Professor of European Politics and Politics, he gives public lectures and assists the Department of Politics and International Relations.

His academic career has only  gone from strength to strength as in September 2006 he became a Distinguished Visiting Fellow at the European Business School, Regents College London where he acts as an adviser to the Institute of Contemporary European Studies alongside the European Business School. His work at Regent’s University London has been such a success that in November 2014 he was made a Senior Distinguished Fellow, this title entails the task of editing the annual Regent’s Report on contemporary European Issues.

Most recently Martyn has published The Council of Europe: Structure, History and Issues in European Politics (Global Institutions) 1st Edition, which is the definitive source for students and academics on the Council of Europe.

Martyn has been a great friend of TEAM Global for a long time so it was only right that he was recognized for this and his many achievements during Member’s Day 2015 where he was admitted to the Fellowship.

TEAM Global wishes Martyn every success  in fostering better relations between countries and showing the benefits of cooperation to the British people.