In 2015 TEAMGlobal took the decision to create an award for members of society who have been published authors, as well as longstanding friends of the charity. This award is known as a Fellowship and three people have so far received this award.

Martyn Bond:

At Members’ Day in 2015 Martyn Bond received the award. Martyn is an accomplised journalist, political scientist and lecturer, who is a long standing member and friend of TEAMGlobal.

Brendan Donnelly:

Brendan Donnelly, former Conservative MEP and current Director of the Federal Trust, was awarded the award during Members’ Day 2016.

Yossi Mekelberg:

During Members’ Day 2016 Yossi Mekelberg, Professor at Regent’s University, was awarded the Fellowship. Yossi has spoken at TEAMGlobal conferences many times and we look forward to having him speak at more in the future.